wisdom keeper

Gene Keys Guide

I'm a Certified Gene Keys Guide, in my seventh year of deep exploration with the Gene Keys transmission. I strive to embody this wisdom teaching in all areas of my life. I truly believe that if we were all to tap into our own Hologenetic Profile and to really take an honest look inward at our own shadows, focus on healing our own woundings, our lineage, our DNA that we could heal much of what ails this world. Gene Keys holds YOUR blueprint for healing. As we heal ourselves we heal the collective. Therefore the most important thing we can do is focus on our own healing and then on sharing our gifts with humanity. If you are looking for someone to guide you through this process reach out today!

Conscious Creator

Co-creating a Conscious Economy

I'm one of the few people I know who has spent my entire 30-year career doing what I went to college for: Advertising & Psychology with a side of art. I am wired for creativity and understanding what moves and motivates humans to do what they do. I started my career in talent agency work, then spent 17 years in the print publishing industry - published a nationally award-winning parenting magazine - and the remainder of my career running my own digital design agency. Through the years I've done it all - from graphic design, branding, website and mobile app development, email and social media marketing, event production and management, content creation, radio, television, print - the whole gamut. This industry requires you to continually evolve and change with the times, while also having a deep understanding of human behavior - which I do. I've been a personal development junkie my entire life, investing thousands of hours and dollars in deepening my understanding of human motivation and enhancing my skills. Along the way, I felt deeply convicted by the manipulative and deceptive tactics used under the guise of "it's just business" so I committed myself to leading the way in conscious marketing practices and shifting the old paradigm of fear based marketing to an abundance mindset predicated on collaboration and cooperation. I cherry-pick my clients now as I am further expanding my contribution to the world. Reach out if you would like to be more conscious with your marketing.

Speaker | Narrator | Podcaster

We all have a story to tell.

I am a storyteller at heart. I have a deep love for books, reading, learning and listening. One of my fondest childhood memories is all the hours my mama spent reading to us and my dad telling us fantastical stories that captivated us. I've had my Audible account since 2008 - before audiobooks were even a big thing. I've listened to literally hundreds of books over the years so I think that qualifies me as an expert on audiobooks. (According to Audible I've achieved their Master listening level!) When I discovered I could actually become a narrator for audiobooks I was giddy like a little girl - imagine getting paid to read books for a job! What a life. I was equally excited the day my podcast went live on Audible - of the many platforms it is available on including Apple & Spotify - Audible was the one that made me smile most.


Upcoming Books...

They say we all have a book in us just waiting to be written … and I am pretty sure I have several. I currently have three books birthing through me, including Finding Balance, my story of profound healing from Systemic Lupus and how I turned my pain into my power, which is now propelling me into my purpose. In this compelling book I share with readers the tools and discoveries that lead me to a state of healed and whole. Regardless of the darkness you've been through healing is possible - I know because I am walking talking living proof!

The other books are based on my 30 years of psychology, marketing and publishing experience. Think Before You Buy is a book written for Conscious Consumers and Evolutionary UnMarketing is for Conscious Marketers - or those desiring to be more consious. We need a conscious shift in the manipulative "It's Just Business" attitude so commonly accepted by society which justifies deceptive consumerism and greed. These books are an exposé on these destructive practices and how we can shift them from a scarcity mindset and greed based economy, to a conscious economy where we all can thrive.